Hiking to the Ljubljana Castle

Ljubljana is a complete walking town. It is very comfortable to see this beautiful capital by foot. In 10-15 minutes you can reach from the centre of the town to the Ljubljana Castle. The Ljubljana Castle is on top of a hill and is visible from below. 
There is a provision of a funicular that takes you from the old town to the medieval castle (cost is EUR 4 for return) in 2 minutes. However, I chose to give that a miss and hike to the castle instead.

I bumped into Iva of Ljubljanajam when I was hiking to the castle and asked her whether I was in the right direction. She jokingly said that every side of the city leads to the castle so I can’t possibly get lost. Ljubljana is a compact town. She was right!

The hike is very small and exceptionally pretty. It gives you amazing vistas of the city and a clear view of the town and mountains beyond.
The “Pink Church” in the centre

I could see the “Pink Church”, an icon of Ljubljana, majestically in the centre. The Pink Church is also where Free Walking Tours of the city are conducted daily.

Moving my way up, I saw parts of the castle. It was magnificent especially in the sun.

The castle is simple yet spectacular. It was owned by the Hapsburg family in the 14th century and there are parts of the enchanting castle that require an entry while others that are partly free. I was quite surprised about the latter because everything in Europe seems to be paid. 

Everything is quite modern and I was surprised to find several open air movie screenings, a restaurant and a souvenir corner. Throughout the year there are also performances and concerts in the premises. 

I spent some time at the premises and skipped the guided tours. Instead, I chose to enjoy my view of the city with a sandwich and found great company in Allison of HeadElsewhere. On the way back we took the funicular together.

A spectacular view of the town of Ljubljana left me spellbound! #IFeelsLOVEnia

Image Courtesy: VisitLjubljana

For more information on Ljubljana and the castle visit Slovenia Info.

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  1. What a gorgeous place! I love towns like this, where you can do a lot of walking. You can choose where you want to linger and really drink in the feel of a place. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos 🙂

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