Travel can teach you many things and it is up to each one of us on how we take it. For starters, travel helps you explore different parts of our world. It gives you time for yourself, time to ponder. Do take out time to experience that beautiful sunrise or marvel at the confluence of the two rivers that create a beautiful and rich landscape. Appreciate the wonderment called LIFE.

Traveling made me realize there is so MUCH to life than the little cocoon I had created in my head. It helped me know myself a little better and made me realize that there is a lot to discover- a new culture, a different lifestyle, meeting new people, varied and sumptuous food etc.

Traveling is really the best education one can get. It gives you so many experiences good or bad, and its up to each one of us on how we take it. I am now addicted to travel. After visiting a place, I am already planning and thinking of the next one.

While I was visiting the Jaipur Literature Festival alone, I thought to myself why don’t I do this more often? Why don’t I take out time and explore a new city on my own? And then I promised myself that I will. You really are never alone when you travel. You will meet someone who is visiting the same place as you are or looking for something similar that you are looking for. Travel tells you that life is too short to wait around for someone to be free or a good friend to make travel plans with you. If you don’t have anyone to travel with, just go out alone. It just take 20 seconds of insane courage and that’s it!!

Traveling gives you time to LIVE and becomes a part of your life. 

As Jack Kerouac put it beautifully- Live, Travel, Adventure, Bless, and Don’t be Sorry 🙂