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Yesterday I visited Cafe 88- a quiet place nestled in the Mehar Chand market of Lodhi Road, Delhi.

The cafe was extremely pretty with large white French windows that only took me back in time to my days of school in Simla. Big bookshelf, white interior, lazy armchairs and leather furniture along with a gorgeous chandelier. 

I, along with my friend, visited the prestine cafe at an odd hour, it wasn’t lunch time nor tea time. However, famished as we both were, we decided to start with the main course. The menu- with a gigantic 88 sign, was a mixed bag of everything. It seems they tried very hard to incorporate everything together, so much so that by the end of it you might get confused whether it is an Italian themed cafe, French or Indonesian! The cafe did not have a liquor license so we had to make do with a cold hazelnut coffee and watermelon juice.

Brushetta Platter
Homemade Ravioli di funghi

We ended up ordering a Brushetta platter with vegetable toppings along with homemade Ravioli di funghi. The ravioli was absolutely delicious, cheesy filled with mushrooms. However for two people it was not very filling. So we ordered a Bolognese pasta in white sauce. I was not interested for the soup or steak so it turned out to be a very Italian day (You may not be surprised with that).

The pasta was perfectly cooked too. All in all, the food was nice but it could have better little better in terms of variety so I would give it a 3.5/5.

Suggestion- Try a lunch on the terrace 🙂 The place is unique, cool and very pretty but they should add liquor on their menu.