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Morni Fort, a 17th century structure nestled in the Panchkula district of Haryana, is a place not many people may be aware of. What attracted me most about this fort was its picturesque location and sheer grandeur that increases its beauty.

The Morni Fort
Centred right atop the Morni hill, the Fort overlooks the small town of Morni. A cute name to a place I think! 

I arrived there at the time of rains and it was gorgeous and really peaceful. As I climbed the hill towards the fort, a beautiful Shiva temple awaited me at the entrance. On my left was a Pheasant Breeding centre managed and run by the Wildlife Department.

The entrance
The restored gardens
The Morni Fort has four towers out of which the South Tower is located right at the corner overlooking the Shivalik hills. I sat nearby the South Tower and enjoyed the mountains and the fresh breeze. The fort was in a dilapidated condition until the Haryana Forest Department took it over for restoration in the late 1970s. 

The guard sitting at the entrance of the fort was able to provide me with some information of the history as there isn’t much written on this place. Apparently, they are now converting the fort to a five star hotel.

The South Tower
I saw rooms being constructed and restoration work taking place. It is sad to think that the fort will no longer have the same rustic glory

Morni fort wasn’t like any of the forts I have visited before in Delhi or Rajasthan. For here you will find no queues for tickets, no guide books or vendors selling knick knacks, but just the fort itself standing mammoth for you. 
I do hope that I visit this place again and sit by the mountains to revel in its forgotten history. A part of me also hopes that none of it changes and the fort stays as it is, just like it must have been in the past.