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 Have you been to the Vatican museum?? Wondered who this statue belongs to??

On my visit to the Vatican museums last year, I saw this ghastly yet wondrous representation of Greek history that I was unaware of before. The statue of “Laocoon and his Sons” is in one of the corners of the Vatican’s Pio-Clementino museum. I was a little flabbergasted when I saw this. It is disturbing yet beautiful. I remember standing there for a good 5 minutes, just staring at the sheer brilliance of the work. This is the miraculous statue that shows much beyond than marble and art. Yes, it shows human emotions and agony. The statue was excavated in Rome around the year 1506 and it is said that Michelangelo was one of the few to be there at the excavation site. He was highly impressed by the sculptor and it had a deep impact on him. The Laocoon and his Sons have an interesting myth tied to it. Laocoon, who was a Trojan priest, warned Trojan leaders not to get the famous “Trojan horse” in the city. However, the leaders did not pay heed to Laocoon. This warning caused Laocoon his life because he had angered the Greek goddess- Athena. She reprimanded him for his interference and ordered sea serpents to attack him along with his two sons. The 7 foot long sculptor depicts exactly that. One of his sons is breaking free from the snakes and looking at him and his brother, who too are just minutes away from death. If you happen to visit the Vatican museum, do check this piece of ancient history of Laocoon.