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When you visit Venice’s Grand Canal you can’t help looking at the innumerable colored mosaic buildings around.

One such building that caught my fancy was the Salviati building.

Salviati Building
Located in Palazzo Salviati very much near to the Peggy Guggenheim museum, this is a 19th century building with ostentatious designs and mosaics. The Salviati building is named after the prominent glassblower family -Salviati. The family is from the island of Murano and is known for their beautiful glassworks and mosaics. 
The glass mosaics go back as far as 1924. The Salviati family is known for making crystals, glassware and quality antiques and are available in and around Venice.
The Rialto Bridge
 Peggy Guggenheim Museum

I loved the beautiful colors on the building along with its facade. In case you are wondering how Murano looks like, here is my favorite snapshot from the island from my recent trip to Italy:

Murano at Dusk

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