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As my blog turns 1, I would like to take an opportunity to highlight some of the questions that several people ask me. But first things first!
I want to THANK YOU all who have diligently read my posts and appreciated my love for Italy- its places, people, food and culture. I couldn’t have been here without your support and encouragement.

Since my blog mostly concerns about all things Italian, many a times I get curious stares and people ask me (and certainly not in the best of ways at times), ” Why Italy, why not any other country?” “What is so special about Italy?” “Are you obsessed?” “Oh, Italy? again??!!” 

I usually take such questions with a pinch of salt and either grin or just pass a smile and say “I have a special connection with that country” Which of course is true.
As most of you may be knowing, I fell in love with Italy when I traveled for the first time in 2013. Yes I know, it could have been any other city or country, and I may fel about another place again but maybe not in the same way. What I share with Italy is par excellence. It is something that is beautiful and definitely not easy to explain. I feel as if I have walked those streets before in some life of mine. Or maybe that I have been an Italian in my past life. It is also one of the reasons why its easier to write and share my love of the land.

In the past 1.5 year or so, my love for Italy has helped me learn new things, see different aspects of life, know more about literature, the culture, food etc! The best part is that I am regularly connected to that love through my acquaintances and friends in Italy and America. This definitely helps me to keep it going. 

Needless to say it doesn’t mean I don’t love my country! India is home. It is where I have been born and where family is. There is nothing that can change that. BUT…

Italy is my calling. It is my go to place to think about when I am low. It brings a smile on my face when someone I know connects my name to that country. Or when someone takes my help planning their trip to Italy. All I can say is that I think the Italian way of living got on to me and like many of you who think, I too think there is definitely some past connection 🙂 

Italy and I have a long way to go and I hope that you all continue to support and appreciate my writings and travels to that country in this new year too.