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 Last week I chanced upon a beautiful finding related to Italy- The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy. 

The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy is an association that spreads word regarding  Italian towns of historical interest. This organization promotes such villages and help preserve forgotten lands and abandonments. Fares, exhibitions and cultural concerts etc. are a regular part of program for this association. As per the latest stats of Nov 2013, there are 206 villages such villages that are part of this little world of Italy.

One of these beautiful villages I visited is the village of Vernazza in Cinque Terre. Vernazza falls in the region of Liguria. Here are some pictures that I thought you may enjoy!

Trekking towards Vernazza
The view
And it gets better!
Outside an Italian Home
Way to Castle Doria
Breathtaking, isn’t it!?
Life in Vernazza
Bye Bye Vernazza!