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I acknowledge that I didn’t know about the Italian custom of “Aperitivo” till I visited Italy.

Let me tell you what an aperitivo is before I share my experience of it today in Delhi itself!

What is an Aperitivo?
The “Aperitivo” is mainly a Northern Italian custom of having drinks and getting together in the evening. This tradition is famous throughout the boot shaped country since a few centuries. My advise is not to mix aperitivo with dinner as that’s not what the Italians want and neither is that the purpose of it. They believe that an aperitivo warms your appetite for dinner!

An Aperitivo includes lot of socializing along with what Italians love best- FOOD. They have platters of cheese, nibbles, chips, salads etc. along with cocktails and drinks during this hour. Basically it is the time to binge and enjoy. An aperitivo time in Italy is usually from late evening around 6:30 p.m. till about 8 – 8:30 p.m. Every major cafe and restaurant in Italy houses an Aperitivo hour priced on an average between EUR 8-12 depending on the place you are having it! 

My Experience:

Today in Delhi, I was privileged to be included in Little Black Book Delhi’s “Taste of Eataly” at Caffe Tonino, a well known quaint little Italian caffe. 

We were a bunch of 15 ladies who were to taste different cocktails and Bruschetta made by the team of Tonino. Divided into teams of 3-4, we were first given a quiz related to Italian food which we had to crack in 5 minutes! I not so humbly acknowledge that it was my team who won the quiz 🙂

Next up, the Chef – Mr. Suman and the Manager were kind enough to explain us what an “Aperitivo” was. They demonstrated how to make cocktails that Italians usually drink. These included Negroni, Spritz and Manhattan.

The Cocktails Made by Tonino
What Was Given to Us

Now the catch was to make these cocktails with the right amount of quantity as shown to us earlier. We managed that pretty okay after some help from the kind Chef. The best part about making these cocktails was that we could have those once done. So Win Win! It was such a high just making them the right way.

What We Created!

The drinks really helped us create an appetite, the aperitivo was working and the chef was right 😉 Meanwhile, there was lot of Instagramming and picture clicking by the awesome crew of Little Black Book Delhi.

Once the round of drinks was complete, Bruschetta was waiting for us! The Chef showed us how to make 5 different types of Bruschetta with different ingredients such as goat cheese, olives, caramelized onions, Parma ham etc. We had to replicate these just as we had done for the cocktails; with the right ingredients on our table we had to use our minds to produce what the Chef had taught us earlier. 

The Delicious Bruschetta Platter
What Was Given to Us
What We Created!

The exercise in itself was gratifying and enjoyable. The evening was packed with a lot of socializing and a consistent hint of Italian touch in the background. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to visit Tonino again soon.

Thank you again Little Black Book Delhi and Caffe Tonino for giving me a taste of Eataly and taking me yet again to the land of the Aperitivo.