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Are you visiting Italy from India? Or anywhere else? Confused about the eating lingo you read online?

Here’s a guide to the Types of Restaurants in Italy:

A bar is simply a place where locals have their morning coffee. Head to a bar in the morning and make sure you stand “at the bar”. Standing is usually cheaper than sitting at a table and ordering your coffee. Yes, you can order alcohol at bars. 


A Café is a place for light snacks and coffee during during the day.



As the name suggests, it is a pastry shop that also provides the benefits of a café. There are so many of them in Italy that its a sin not to visit these beauties.

Trattoria is a family owned establishment where one is served inexpensive and traditional food. 


A term used loosely for a trattoria but with several options of good house wine.


PIZZA! Our favorite! A pizzeria is exactly as it sounds; a place where you get pizza. There are also several options of pasta available here.
Just a wine bar with all varieties of wine.

A restaurant that has et al, several dishes with a more toursity atmosphere.