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Today I am thrilled and honoured to introduce 3 fellow Italophiles like myself as Guest Bloggers on ITALOPHILIA!

I have known them since long and the three of us are like a small family, despite living across three oceans! 

Margie, Victoria and Susan have been kind enough to share a picture of themselves at an Italian region that they love. So without further adieu let me introduce them:
Margie Miklas– A second generation Italian American who has now visited Italy countless times, Margie is the author of two best selling travel novels (On Italy of course). She is currently working on for her third novel which is a slightly different from her first two as this one is a thriller! 

Margie is also planning another visit to Bella Italia this year and I can’t wait to read her stories and experiences of her trip. 

Visit Margie’s blog for more travel information and stories.
Margie shares a picture from San Remo in North Western Italy. She couldn’t be more happier, could she?
Victoria DeMaio A travel consultant, a published author and a lover of the term La Dolce Vita (the sweet life), Victoria is one of my most enthusiastic friends. She loves sharing travel stories and observations and plans Group tours to Italy every year. This year she has two in line- One in May that visits the heel of Italy- Puglia and another in September that visits the heart of Italy- Umbria.
Foor more information follow her travels at- Postcardz from Victoria
Victoria shares a picture from one of her favorite regions in Italy- Puglia. She stands outside one of the Trulli houses of Alberobello.
Find her on Twitter
-Susan Nelson– Another passionate Italy lover and an immensely creative writer, I always learn something new whenever Susan and I talk. She finds her inspiration from the offbeat- giant aqueducts, decrypt mosaics or abandoned churches. 
Susan is a lover of art, history and wine and has been traveling to Italy since over a decade. She plans to return to the country soon to delve into the small villages that have deep rooted stories. Keep writing Susan!
Follow her travels at Timeless Italy
Find her on Twitter
Susan shares a picture from Chianti in Central Italy. The backdrop is as pretty as Susan herself, isn’t it?