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I visited Slovenia this summer with little or no expectation. Most people around me, including myself, knew nothing about it except that it was in Europe. Regardless of that, I decided to take the plunge and see what was in store for me with respect to Slovenia.

The country with LOVE in its name (cheesy, I know) took me by surprise. Writing this post now, I ca think of several reasons that would make YOU visit this beautiful country. Here are a few of them:

1. Colorful Architecture

Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, is famous for multi hued buildings. Check the Pink Church in the middle of the picture below. Lovely, isn’t it? The city has been designed by Slovene architect Joze Plecnik and the Pink Church is his most famous gift to the city of Ljubljana. I also like the Dragon bridge and love this post by Manja on Ljubljana’s Dragons.

The entire architecture of the city is very eye catching and attractive. I really could not get enough!

2. Diverse Food and Lots of Beer
Slovenian cuisine is diverse. The country has adapted food habits from several of its neighboring countries. Food consists of salad (a must), various categories of soup, meat, pastries, wine and beer. Slovenians are also big on coffee. 

You will find hints of Austria, Italy and Hungary in their food. For instance Goulash of Hungry will be Golaz in Slovenia and Risotto of Italy will be Rizota. 

There are also several microbreweries in Slovenia, some since the 19th century. I found Lasko & Union to be the most common brands of beer available.

3. Julian Alps

The Julian Alps took my breath away. The picture speaks for itself.

4. Soca Valley

The Soca Valley of Slovenia is another reason to visit this cute country. With the perfect blue colored Soca river flowing though it, Soca Valley is best enjoyed at the Herbal House in Plave. Read my experience on the same here.
5. Lake Bled 

Slovenia is really a fairy tale destination. It has several castles to its kitty but the most well known of them all is the one in Lake Bled. The Bled Castle is famous for its gorgeous architecture, breathtaking views and lush green beauty. Tranquillity and nature at its best. 

I wish I could have stayed in Bled longer.

6. Less Tourists

Everyone knows Europe can be crowded and expensive, especially in the summer, but Slovenia turned to be an exception here. The country is still to catch up as one of the “must visit destinations” compared to its neighbours like Italy and Austria. Therefore, there are less tourists which means more locals (who speak English by the way) and more affordability.

7. Adventure Activities

Slovenia has everything to offer in the Adventure department too. Right from hiking to water rafting, or horseback riding to sailing. It even has SUPing which is provided by Slocally

For more information on Slovenia check Slovenia Info.

What did you think of Slovenia? Would love to hear your thoughts!