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As I write this post, I feel a mixture of emotions. It is soul-rending feeling not be in Italy but at the same time I feel happy to remember all the moments I spent this summer in Bel Paese.

This post is to all the people of Italy and beyond who were part of my travels, who helped me when I was in the country, who touched my life in some way. Strangers who smiled at me and made me feel safe in a foreign land, a special thank you to you. 

hope someday I get to become a part of someone’s blog post just like these people have become a part of mine. Grazie mille to the couple at the train station who made sure I reached Perugia safely and provided me numbers of taxis in case I missed my connecting train. I couldn’t have been in Perugia without your help and guidance. 

I am grateful to the lady from Bologna who knew very little English but still helped me when I asked her the way.

Grazie to the people of Gubbio for helping me know more about Festa dei ceri. I am beaming thinking about the girl from Sicily who took a lovely picture of me amongst a horde of people in Gubbio. Thank you to the Baglioni Hotels for their love and support throughout my stay in Venice

I am indebted to my lovely host at my B&B in Trieste who made sure that every morning I had warm breakfast and coffee. 

Thanks to the man in the train who helped me with my luggage. I appreciate it. I loved the thoughtfulness of the woman who made sure I reached Orvieto safely. So sweet, cara.

I enjoyed munching chocolates with an Australian couple who shared their precious Perugina chocolates with me. 

I smile when I think of the caffe owner in Florence who made my day when he sang a song. 

Last but not the least, to all my lovely friends Margie, Victoria, Susan, Orna, Molly and Alexander whom I met for the first time in Italy but with whom I feel like I have a friendship of a lifetime. You guys are so important to me and I hope one day we all meet together.

Grazie mille, amici.. A presto!