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This post is part of the Italian #FWT a.k.a Food, Wine & Travel. Today me and my  fellow bloggers take you all to Sardinia (Sardegna)!

In order to feed my wanderlust for Italy, every now and then, I engage myself in activities related to Italy. For instance- reading books or watching movies based in Italy. It really is wonderful to find yourself in Bel Paese in words or in media. 

Among my recent activities was watching the movie “Swept Away“. Now don’t confuse Swept Away with the 2002 movie of the same name starring Madonna, as this one was made way back in 1974. 

Swept Away has been extensively shot in Tortoli, SardiniaThe movie’s story centres on a rich woman who is vacationing with her friends on a yatch. She has a huge attitude and arrogance that pesters a deckhand. But he does not want to upset his boss so keeps quiet and manages with her. When the woman’s friends leave her and head out on their own, he agrees to take her in search for them. The story follows of the both of them getting swept away and stranded in an uninhabited island of Sardinia. Although the scenes got quite erotic and were not upto my taste I loved how it showed me another side of Italy.

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The movie was made more than 30 years ago so it is different from the ones we see these days. But it captures the essence of Sardinia. After some reading I found out that Tortoli is located in the area of Ogliastra and is known as Paese delle Tortore or the Village of the Turtle Doves. How fascinating! 

It houses several historic remains and natural wonders and has an Open Air Museum of Contemporary Artwhich sounds quite intriguing. I was totally smitten by its beauty in the movie and the coastline and beaches. Like all regions of Italy, it is also well known for its wine and food.

Tortoli definitely looks and sounds magical, I would love to visit it someday and maybe get swept away too! 😉

Are you curious to watch the movie??

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Thanks for joining us today! Next month September 5th we feature the region of Abruzzo.  Let me know if you’d like to join our group.  Ciao ciao for now!