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Today I head away from the Travel category to explore Food- the traditional Balsamic Vinegar of the region of Emilia Romagna

For those of you who may not know what Balsamic Vinegar is, it is a dark brown syrup made from whole pressed grapes. Modena’s Balsamic is famous all across the globe and has to be bottled for at least 12 years before it is tasted.

Sent very graciously to me by Emilia Delizia, a food tour company based in Italy, I used my bottle of Balsamic Vinegar to make a simple dessert with ice cream and kiwi:


– Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

– Vanilla ice cream or gelato (whatever is available)

– Three ripe kiwis


1. Cut the Kiwi in circles- preferably about 8-10 pieces.

2. Add vanilla ice cream/gelato in a glass and place the kiwi at the bottom.

3. Add ice cream on top of the kiwi and lightly graze the Balsamic vinegar.

4. Add another layer of ice cream and kiwi on top and drizzle a little bit more of the traditional vinegar. 

Make sure there is a good layer of both kiwi and ice cream, until the glass is full.

Ecco! There you are!

This is a quick and modern recipe topped with tradition. Taste the sweetness of the grapes and the distinctive flavor of Modena with this dessert. I thoroughly enjoyed my share. If you enjoy this recipe, share it on social media and don’t forget to tag Emilia Delizia.
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Ciao Ciao!