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Muggia is an Italian port-town in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Overlooking the Bay of Muggia, Muggia is literally devoid of tourists. This charming town is such a local experience if you ever visit Friuli Venezia.


Muggia’s architecture is highly influenced by the Venetians. Its Piazza- Macroni boasts a statue of a winged lion which is a symbol of Venice since centuries. The piazza has a Duomo that is dedicated to Saint John and Paul.


Duomo di Muggia

Like any Italian town or city, Muggia is lined with cafes and trattorias.


The town is walkable in an hours and just climbing a few stairs you can see Castello di Muggia. Though the castle is now a private property it can be visited if you book in advance.



Castello di Muggia


Fresh produce

If you are looking for things to do here then don’t visit Muggia. Just come with the intention of seeing a town and Italian life.

~Enjoy the Friulian air with a glass of wine from Piazza Macroni

~Count yourself lucky to be sitting amongst all that lost Venetian history

~ Look at the pastel coloured homes

~Talk to a stranger~

~Support a local shop by buying something~

All this will complete your trip of Muggia and of Italy.



Lovely Muggia


The Bay of Muggia


Mugggia seen from Castello di Muggia

Muggia left me mesmerized because it was so different from the rest of the towns.

Despite staying in Trieste (very close to Muggia) which was equally charming and beautiful, I had an inkling to book a night in Muggia that day. Sadly due to lack of time, I could only make it a short day trip.


A dull day, yet so beautiful

But I will go again someday to stroll through its tranquil seaside. Muggia had that kind of effect on me.


Fiat 500 that inspires all cuteness

How to reach:

Muggia can be reached by Bus 20 from Trieste.

If you happen to be in Muggia in March, don’t forget to attend its annual carnival.