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It was raining when I got out of the vaporetto (water bus) and reached Burano, a short ride from Venice. I took refuge in a small caffe which had one only bartender/attendant. It was crowded but that was the only way to steer clear of the heavy downpour. I ordered a cappuccino and savoured the warm feeling.




A rainy start to the day in Burano

After 20 minutes or so the rain stopped and I left the cafe, excited to see Burano- the island where the rainbow fell. Legend says that the island is such because years ago it was difficult for fishermen to find their way in the fog, hence they painted their houses in different shades to recognize them easily.


Looking for bussola


Isn’t this something? I’d love to live in one of these houses




Intriguing isn’t it? Apart from being the rainbow island, Burano is also famous for bussola (a type of biscuit) and handmade lace. Women congregate to make the lace at a common point. Unfortunately due to rains I couldn’t see any women sitting there. However, I did see lace in almost every shop of the island though I am not sure whether it was locally made or in China. So a word of caution if you must: make sure you buy genuine Burano lace as there are lot of fakes too that are not really made in Burano.


A quiet vicoli


Expensive lace and scarves on display

The charm of Burano definitely lies in its colors. All I did was gawk at the houses and click pictures. I also enjoyed fresh seafood at one of the Trattorias on the island.If given a chance, I would love to visit Burano again but this time maybe on a sunny day. I wouldn’t staying for a night either.



Less than 3,000 people live on this island


Such a pretty combination


Hurrying to the market before it starts raining?


Eating at a trattoria or an osteria is the best (local, inexpensive and fresh)



Love them all, hard to resist a color


Burano from the water bus

This post is for my friend Priyanka who traveled to Burano only a few years after and loved it just as much.