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I recently finished a book on Rome and cannot stop gushing about it. Four Seasons in Rome by Anthony Doerr is a frank and honest recollection of the author, his wife and newly born twins in Rome-the Caput Mundi (Capital of the World).

Doerr’s prose is strong and powerful. He weaves words in a poetic way whether it is having a bowl of pasta, visiting a hill top town of Umbria or merely looking at the newly elected Pope.

In his book Doerr mentions a quote by Silvio Negro which I truly believe, I am sure all of us do. It says, “In Roma, non basta una vita” which literally means- “In Rome, one lifetime is not enough.”

Thanks to Anthony Doerr and his excellent prose, I fell in love with Rome all over again. This post is a special dedication to the author, the book and most of all to my travel in the wondrous historic city that is ROME.

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P.S. This isn’t one of those books where a lone expat buys a house in Tuscany and lives and travels through the country. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for reading expat books and I have enjoyed a few here and there but let’s face it, sometimes it gets a tad too much. Because life isn’t that sweet and perfect. Whether you are in Italy or anywhere else in the world 😉