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While in Trieste, I had a chance to enjoy a leisure ride on its famous Opicina Tramway- a Tram+Funicular Railway that links the city to Villa Opicina or Opicina. Started in 1902, the historic tram runs from Piazza Oberdan to Opicina, a hill top town 5 km away.

I bought my ticket at the tabacchi- a tobacco shop where you can purchase bus/tram tickets. #OnlyInItaly
DSC03599 DSC03601It was a slow ride from the city centre to the top, crossing the city’s houses that seem from a bygone era. A steep stretch and the tram halted, the tyres screeched.

I asked a lady sitting next to me why we halted. Luckily she knew English and told me the tram is getting pushed uphill and at the same time held back hill to change tracks (tram to furnicular track). She told me she was from nearby Slovenia and regularly took this tram. It was nice to have her company 🙂





We chatted about Italy and mostly about Trieste. As the tram turned a corner, she told me to go to the other side at the window to see the view.

I was blown away!

Trieste was unbelievably gorgeous and striking and I am so glad it was a sunny day. The 15 minutes ride to the top gave enough time to wallow in the views which kept getting better and better. I got up at the last stop and walked towards The Obelisk from where I got to know I could see Trieste and its panoramic splendor.

I didn’t end up clicking a lot of pictures but here are a few shots that show the glory of the Port of Trieste with its minuscule red houses and expansive Bay.






Things to Note:
-One way cost of the tram is EUR 1.1.
-Tram runs from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
-Best time: early morning/late evening.
-Pack a picnic and chill at Obelisk.