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Every month I, along with my #ItalianFWT Group (Food, Wine & travel) virtually explore a different region of Italy.

This month we are heading to the far east corner of the country to see and know the delights of the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Bordering the countries of Slovenia and Austria, the region of Friuli is often overlooked by travelers. I wonder why. It is beautiful with a deep history.

Let me take you to Castello di Miramare, situated near Trieste– the capital of Friuli.



Overlooking the stark waters of the Adriatic, Castello di Miramare (Castle of Miramare) is at the edge of a cliff and is really a sight to behold. Just a mere 15 minutes from Trieste, this magnificent white castle can be reached by Bus 36 from Trieste.


DSC03690 DSC03697


Castello di Miramare was built by Archduke Ferdinand Maximilan in 1860 for his wife, Charlotte of Belgium. It has 20 odd rooms with brilliant upholstery and elegant furniture (pictures not allowed). With an entry of EUR 6 (for the castle not the grounds they are free), you can visualize how the Archduke and his wife stayed away from the hustle and bustle of the affairs in this secluded castle. I loved exploring the castle grounds with its small ponds, rare plants and bubbling fountains. How grand must it be in the 19th century!

DSC03701 DSC03706 DSC03707

Like many historic places, Miramare has a tragedy attached to it. The Archduke died at an early age of 34 and it is said that after his death Charlotte went insane and spent her days in the castle pining for her lost love. Many people believe that spending a night in this castle of 20 odd rooms could lead to a person’s death, so as to say that the castle is cursed. Miramare may have a tragedy attached but it is gorgeous and it is absolutely safe to spend the day here 🙂

Miramare has a beautiful backdrop with nothing but an expanse of Adriatic and views of Trieste. What a picture the Archduke had in mind while building this beauty!

DSC03721 DSC03722

Visiting Miramare was a lovely experience and a short day trip leaves you satisfied because you are back in Trieste for the evening coffee. I urge you to take that trip to Miramare if you are in Italy or traveling there. You won’t be disappointed 🙂

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We can’t wait to start off the 2016 new year with you exploring some of the lesser known regions of Italy starting in January with the Basilicata region.  So come back on Saturday January 2nd as we explore the rest of Italy’s regions.