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This post is from 2015 when it was in “vogue” to book through Airbnb because comfortable and quirky homes to strangers at a reasonable price. So while hunting for a room in central Trieste then, I found this lovely Airbnb which was only a 5 minutes walk from the centre. The reviews of the place were fabulous so there was no room for doubt and the place looked great from the pictures too.

was a little skeptical because it was my first booking on Airbnb and I wanted to be 100% sure about the decision of staying in someone else’s house. To understand the procedure a little better I went online to read more reviews of different places that Airbnb offered, in Italy and other parts of the world. I was satisfied by the end as it seemed like a good option to take, since so many people were using it! The room in Trieste was booked in the end and hence my first experience with Airbnb!!


My Airbnb in Trieste

My First Experience with Airbnb in Trieste

My Airbnb room was exactly as promised online. It was spotlessly clean with a large window overlooking the narrow street. There was free Wifi and fruit on the table. I was given an extra key of the house to enter and exit as and when I wished. My room was blue and oh so pretty that I did not feel like going out! The breakfast was right next to my room, in a cozy kitchen with all amenities in case I needed to warm my food or have a cup of coffee or even cook. The best part about staying there was that I was in the centre of everything and yet in a decently quiet street in Trieste. So if you are looking on where to stay in Trieste, book this room!


Time for breakfast

My hosts Daniele and her husband were unbelievably kind. Daniele was unwell when I visited, so I was in touch with her husband who took care of everything. Every day he asked me what time I would like to have breakfast and made sure I got my fair share of privacy when I came back to my room in the evening. We chatted about Daniele’s health, the city and it’s unique location in Italy. It was a very pleasant experience staying in this house knowing that Daniele and her husband were across the hall in their flat for any issues.


I love this kitchen!

One very interesting point to be noted for this apartment was that every room in the house is named after one of Daniele and her husband’s female relatives. My room was named Beatrice!

I’d totally recommend you to book this place if you are ever in Trieste. I also loved the entire concept of staying at a local’s place and Airbnb is doing such a great job. It’s been so many years now and I’ve been constantly using it for all my travels.

What about you?? Booked through Airbnb?? How was your experience??


A place to eat below the house



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