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Have you heard of BonAppetour?? It is a platform that brings travellers and locals together where locals from a particular town/city become host to travellers! The locals offer an authentic foodie experience in their home for the traveler. Isn’t it a great way to make friends??

All you have to do is find whether the city they are travelling to has BonAppetour hosts, and then book an experience with the host of your choice!

During my last trip to Italy, I booked a dinner experience with Andrea and his wife Giovanna, locals from Florence.

I had no idea what to expect in terms of food quality, ambiance or experience and honestly it was slightly strange to knock on a someone’s door and start eating with them. But when I arrived at Andrea and Giovanna’s house, I was welcomed to warm smiles and a large bowl of homely pumpkin risotto!


An Evening in Florence with BonAppetour!

Giovanna was a kind lady who chatted with me about Italian food and even told me the recipe! We spoke about Italy and India and since Andrea was fluent in English, we tended to speak more than Giovanna and I did. It was shaping to be a great evening with Bonappetour!

After the risotto I was served fresh salad and Andrea mentioned how the tomatoes were brought from the farms in the Tuscan countryside. Later came a delicious plate of grilled fish that I took ages to finish! I enjoyed it with my glass of white wine. After the meal ended, we listened to some music and enjoyed chocolate mousse and strawberries dipped in wine! Who would say no to that?!


An Evening in Florence with BonAppetour!


An Evening in Florence with BonAppetour!

Giovanna was a brilliant cook and a trained singer who invited me to her concert the next day but unfortunately I was leaving Florence the next morning. Anyhow, Bonappetour gave me wonderful friends in Andrea and Giovanna. They were kind to drop me back to my hotel and even welcomed me back whenever I visited Florence again.

So what are you waiting for?? Taste the world with Bonappetour!


An Evening in Florence with BonAppetour!

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