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I remember going through pictures of Slovenia before visiting it this summer. Lake Bled, one of the most popular tourist destinations of the country, evoked a sense of fantasy- as if it was a place right out of a Grimms’ fairy tale.

Located in the town of Bled, the Lake is only an hour and a half drive’s from the capital city of Ljubljana and a very easy day trip.

My journey started quite early and I reached the town of Bled to use the entire day to my advantage. The views were breathtaking! I was astounded by the emerald green colour of the lake and the small island in the middle. Lake Bled really looked right out of a fairy tale with stunning views of the Julian Alps.


I hovered around the area, clicked probably a hundred pictures of Bled and later relaxed myself on a bench. It was truly a sight to behold and one that ignites inspiration, romanticism and creativity.

The entire area of the lake is laden with caffes and tourist activities not to forget a casino, a mini train for the kids and an Irish pub. I sat in one of the caffes and had the very popular Bled Cream Cake- a slice of heaven and then continued walking along the course of the lake. Bled also houses a medieval Castle which is perched on a hilltop ( I told you it was like a fairy tale).

Although almost every other person hikes to the castle, I chose to give it a miss and instead just wandered around the circumference of the lake. It turned out to be the best and most ideal way to see the lake and also quiet simple.

Only a 5 km walk gave me the best views of Bled. If one is spending a day in Lake Bled, it is good to see the better of Bled with a traditional “pletna” ride (maximum of 8 people for EUR 12 each) and visit the Church of Assumption which is right in the centre of the lake.


The Church of Assumption is very charismatic with 14th century frescoes along with a very famous “wishing bell”. According to a legend, anyone who rings the bell gets their wishes fulfilled. Worth a shot, I’d say!