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Do you have a secret place in Italy that you love but wouldn’t want anyone to know about? Well I do too but it’s time I share it with you! Situated just 45 minutes away from Perugia, Le Ginestre Greppolischieto is a small borgo with only TWO inhabitants!!



Yes you read that right! As you enter the empty borgo, you realize how an old couple have made it their own town worth living. They are the only inhabitants as others have moved on or passed away. Greppolischieto boasts a tiny piazza where there are names of soldiers who died in the war. The names dated back to the years 1919 and 1923.





There are no cafes or trattorias here, only uninhabited homes and lost stories. The little village is an absolute stunner yet slightly haunting too. Everything is eerily quiet and empty. It is undoubtedly a special corner of Umbria! I found little information available online but there were two fantastic articles by Delicious Italy and Hen House Umbria .

How to reach:

Greppolischieto can be reached by car on the route to Citta del Pieve or Castello Montegiove from Perugia. This side of Umbria doesn’t have a train station very close by. There are several B&Bs in a span of 5-10 kms (Updated May 2017)

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