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Happy April Fool’s Day to everyone! 😀 Buon Pesce d’Aprile a tutti! 😀


April Fool’s Day is not just an American concept, we have it here in India too. All in good spirit! But what I really love is the fact how everything in Italy is a little different- whether it is a Epiphany Eve (Buona Befana) or Easter (Pasqua) or April fool’s day (Pesce d’Aprile).

Today the country is in fun and relaxed spirits (almost as always). Jokes and fun pranks are quite common. Pesce d’Aprile (pesce means fish) basically involves putting a paper cutout of a fish on someone’s else back. The victim is then asked if he/she has seen “April’s fish”. The victim is obviously oblivious to what has happened and answers till he/she realizes the fish cutout on their back 😉 

There’s a good laugh! I love how light-hearted and cute this prank is!

Do you do anything fun today? Any memories associated with April Fool’s Day? 🙂