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Ciao a tutti! Hello to everyone!

Each one of you knows how much I love and adore Italy. I miss it the day I leave from there and try to travel at any opportunity I get. To satiate my wanderlust, I try to return to the country every year. I’m so excited and elated to share it with you all that my dream of visiting Italy in 2016 has finally become a reality….I’m visiting the Bel Paese again:D

*does a little dance*


In the hope of practicing a little Italian and explore new places, I move this time to a region of the country that I know very little about.

The excitement is uncanny. It is slowly sinking in. Everything is done and planned. Now only a few sleeps separate me and Italy.


I can’t wait to be united with my Italy, to feel most at home, to enjoy a passeggiata (evening walk), to eat fresh gelato, to visit an ornate café for a caffe, to meet more locals, to buy books on Italian literature, to devour fresh tagliatelle. Ah the list goes on!

Here I come once again Italy- to meet you, greet you, love you, explore you. I can’t wait to touch down and experience the goosebumps of hearing Italian around me. I can’t wait to be near the country I love so much. A presto, Italia ❤


Meanwhile, stay tuned for many lovely adventures and keep following me on my social media pages (on your right side).


I have a special something to the first person who guesses where I am heading to. Tell me the name of the region/regions that you think I am going to 😉 The first person to answer will win! Waiting!