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I am back from 3 wonderful weeks of travel and cannot stop smiling when I think of my wonderful trip. Needless to say it was one of my most precious travels to Bel Paese. There is something extremely special about that place that just makes it better and better every time ❤

Now as promised to all you lovely readers, I will be sending a small package as a THANK YOU to whoever correctly (and most quickly) guessed the region I traveled to J

I received a LOT of comments (which you can see here) and have interesting ideas for my next trip thanks to you all now 😉 but the person to answer the correct region first was Darlene. She guessed Sicily right away and that was one of the regions I went to! Congratulations Darlene, so nice to be in touch with you through wordpress and Yay for your little package. Please email me your address at ishitatravel@gmail.com.

For everyone else who answered Sicily and Puglia (the other region I went to) a BIG Thank You!

Keep following along as there will be many posts and travel ideas for you from me. For Italy and beyond….!

Cin Cin!