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Believe me, a little over a year ago, I had little or no idea about Puglia.



But after reading countless blogs on the region, I felt as if I was mysteriously being called here. I was completely enticed with its white washed towns, stunning coastline, olive trees and trulli houses. The more I read about it, the more I wanted to be there. So I took a trip to Puglia this April and started my journey with Lecce.


Oh the baroque!

I was kindly hosted by Palazzo Rollo,  a 17th century palace, which is now converted to a B&B. The Palazzo is owned by Elena and turns to be her home while growing up . She is super passionate about keeping her forefathers legacy alive. I was impressed with her thinking and traditional values.

My room at the Palazzo consisted of a room with a lobby, a drawing room, a bathroom with a hot tub and a small private kitchen. It was such a homely feel as I could make coffee and eat something in the room and also ask for anything else I required. Palazzo Rollo was a wonderful start to my Southern Italian soujourns. Elena and her staff member Simona were absolutely wonderful hosts.


Elena and Simona.



The town had me with its very friendly people, unmatchable  food and baroque atmosphere. And the location couldn’t have been better as it was 5 minutes away from all the main attractions. The mornings at the Palazzo were full of fresh Italian pastries, cold cuts, juices, coffee and fruits. During the day when it was too hot, it was easy to come back to take a nap or a shower or both. One of the days I had a lovely evening on the terrace with a fantastic view of the bell town of the town’s Duomo (cathedral).


Campanile del Duomo di Lecce


Palazzo Rollo along with Elena and her staff made my stay so special. I hope to be back soon again!

Disclaimer: I was a guest at Palazzo Rollo but the opinions expressed here are solely my own.