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Its convenient to base yourself at one place and take day trips from there. In Lecce one such day trip that I took was to the town of Gallipoli. Initially a little doubtful using the local train service of Puglia, (not the national service which is Trenitalia), I took a chance and hopped on to a toy train to reach Gallipoli. The train looked as if it was never polished or painted in years. But what mattered that it was on time and took me to Gallipoli safely. It was only an hour’s journey from Lecce and I so enjoyed a taste of the Puglian countryside. Olive groves and semi barren land were a common sight. The smell of the sea was inviting.


I made my way to the Centro Storico but I saw very few people around. It seemed as if I had the little town to myself.


Baroque architecture welcomed me and I was smitten by a little harbour.


Gallipoli was already feeling to be so adorable. There were shops lined with local Pugliese produce- sandals, wine, food, olive oil, seafood, souvenirs etc.. In narrow alleys you could hear locals chatting, cooking or even fighting. I could hardly understand anything they were saying in dialect.


Since it was lunch+siesta time, I too felt my stomach take a turn and longed for a warm bowl of pasta and wine. Passing by the Adriatic sea made me feel alive again.




I found a perfect little place for pranzo (lunch) with the warm wind happily calling out to me.


Gallipoli is lovely! I don’t know if I would go back but it certainly is worth one trip.