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Spending a day in Florence in the summer can get to you because it is hot and crowded. Getting away from the crowds is essential I think.


Oh Tuscany!


Entrance to the town

That’s why I decided to visit Fiesole and the walled town of Monteriggioni near Siena on different days. Monteriggioni was a surprise past the rolling hills, cypress trees and wine tasting.


Church of Santa Maria Assunta


Built in the 13th century , the town has a castle preserved that the army used to guard from enemies. No wonder the town is walled.


A Medieval well.


There is a small piazza with a Romanesque church and a toursim office in the piazza. Of course you can’t see any piazza without a Bar. Ristorante Il Posso sits opposite the Bar and is adorable. It is quite famous and I happened to go there for lunch. With a great list of wine options and amazing Tuscan food (their steak is wow) this place should not be missed!


Ristorante Il Posso



Monteriggioni was just what I needed. With its deeply alluring landscape and beautiful vistas, this medieval town became my favorite Tuscan spot after Siena. There is little to see but more to take in.
How to reach:
Monteriggioni can be reached best by a car/bus if you are coming from Siena, Pisa or Florence. There are also several tours from Florence.