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Spending a day in Florence in the summer can get to you because it is hot and crowded. Getting away from the crowds is essential I think. Another great trip from Florence is to the town of Monteriggioni.


Oh Tuscany!


Entrance to the town

The walled town of Monteriggioni is a stunner and one that shouldn’t be missed. Don’t relate it’s size to it’s popularity. 


Church of Santa Maria Assunta


Built in the 13th century , Monteriggioni has a castle that was used to guard from enemies.


A Medieval well.


The town has an adorable piazza with a Romanesque styled church and a toursim office. Of course there is a Bar and a ristorante too.

Ristorante Il Posso sits opposite the Bar and is quite famous! I loved the Tuscan exteriors, great wine options and amazing Tuscan food (their steak is wow)!


Ristorante Il Posso



Monteriggioni definitely has a alluring landscape and is a quaint spot to get away from city life.
How to reach:
Monteriggioni can be reached best by a car/bus if you are coming from Siena, Pisa or Florence. There are also several tours from Florence. If you take a tour from Florence, Monteriggioni is usually last stop.

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