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Visiting Italy several times since past 3 years has given me an adrenaline rush. It pushes me to keep seeking, learning and recreating.

When I traveled to Italy the very first time on September 6, 2013, little did I know that exactly three years later on 6th September, 2016 I would be taking another flight to the Bel Paese. (Quite coincidental, really)

Yes you read that right! I’m going to Italy again! Yippee!!!!

The purpose of my visit is different this time. I will be a Guest and International Blogger/Journalist for the Mantova Literature Festival/Festivaletteratura.

The International Literature Festival takes place annually in Mantova and is celebrating 20 years of literary love and success this year. I am stoked to be part of the 20th edition because I know this journey will be like no other.


Image Courtesy: Mantova Toursim

For everyone’s benefit the town of Mantova is in the region of Lombardy, about 2 hours from Milan. It is the Italian Capital of Culture for 2016 and needless to say another UNESCO world heritage site.


Mantova -Image Courtesy: Italy Magazine

There will be a lot of Literature talk on Italophilia this entire month as several big names visit the Festivaletteratura. I can hardly contain my emotions because it’s two of the things I love a lot – BOOKS & ITALY. Nothing like both passions coming together, right?? So, BEHOLD!

I will be soon amongst a crowd of notable authors such as Alain de Botton, Robert Calasso, Antony Beevor, Alessandro Baricco, David Mitchell, Sarah Waters, Julian Barnes and the list goes on.

There is still a lot to be done at my end-packing, to do lists, planning etc. I also just finalised my plans on where I will be traveling to after Italy. Any wild guesses?? 🙂

Meanwhile, follow along here as well as my Instagram and Twitter pages. I promise to make it entertaining for all of you out there- the Literature as well as the Non Literature lovers 🙂

“I am all the more convinced that we, as Italians, know nothing about certain aspects of being Italian.. Now I am in Mantua on a July night, where some Mantuans have come up with the wonderful idea of a literary festival which, year after year, takes place as summer draws to an end.” -Andrea Camilleri

Until next time. Ci vediamo!