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It is no secret that Italians prepare one of the best cuisines in the world. But few know that they also have one of the best street food options available!

Thanks to Italy Book Tours I can help share an excellent book on it. Written by Paola Bacchia of Italian origin, Italian Street Food shows hidden street food stalls behind the town squares, away from the touristy restaurants and down back streets of Italy The little-known gems offering up some of Italy’s tastiest and best-kept secret dishes that the locals prize are all in this book!


Italian Street Food is not just another Italian cookbook; it delves into truly authentic Italian fare—the kind of secret recipes that are passed down through generations.

Learn how to make authentic polpettine, arancini, stuffed cuttlefish, cannolis, and fritters, and perfect your gelato-making skills with original flavors such as lemon and basil or affogato and aperol. With beautiful stories and stunning photography throughout, ITALIAN STREET FOOD delivers an authentic, lesser known take on a much loved cuisine.

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The author Paola Bacchia is one of Australia’s most popular Italian food bloggers. On her blog, Italy on My Mind, she shares family memories and their connections to food. It won awards for best food blog in 2013 and 2015 from ITALY Magazine. Paola returns to Italy every year to expand her knowledge of Italian food, its traditions, and innovations.

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