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Ciao a tutti! Hello everyone!


I am taking inspiration from this post on Taking Stock and making blogging a bit more fun 🙂 Thank you so much Sudha for putting together a blog post that made me smile and also ponder after a long long time.

I hope this is a fun read, you guys. Here’s my version of Taking Stock:

Drinking: A strong cup of coffee in my favorite place.


Buying: A bottle of Nutella.

Deciding: Whether to go out tonight or save up on money.

Thinking: When I would go to Italy next.

Wearing: My favorite blue pyjamas and a tee shirt that I got from Salzburg.

Noticing: How petty some people are on social media.

Marvelling: How small we are in our solar system. (After a recent visit to the Planetarium)


Reading: Cosi Fan Tutti by Michael Dibdin which is loosely based on an opera by the same name!

Giggling: With my girlfriends about my Italian teacher 😉

Disliking: How people judge so quickly.

Worrying: How learning Italian is making me forget basic words of English.

Pretending: To ignore someone I really can’t. It is molto difficile.

Loving: How a home cooked meal brings a smile.

Cooking: Thai Curry.

Watching: Lost Season 2 (yet again)

Smelling: The new Kiko Milano bright day face lift cream. It is oddly pleasing.

Bookmarking: This useful link for books to help me with my Italian.

Hearing: The sound of water in the filter.


Embracing: The new 2k notes in India.

Hating: Reading challenges and numbers.

Feeling: Very moody…very distant

Wondering: Of my identity crisis. Here or there. My soul is Italian but I am Indian at heart.

Hoping: To get more exciting work soon.

Enjoying: Being on my own.


Wanting: This set of postcards. swoon

Celebrating: My weekend when I feel fully Italian.

Knowing: A little more about my family each day. Just like today.

Admiring: How mothers balance everything so well.