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The month to be grateful continues. One person who I am most thankful for and who instantly comes to my mind for my Italian sojourns is Margie Miklas. A fellow Italophilie and author of 2 novels and a coffee table book, Margie is my confidante and guide. I chanced upon Margie’s blog about 2.5 years back while browsing Twitter! I am so grateful for this connection ever since as there has been no looking back.


Photo Credits: Margie

Margie and I became friends and connected virtually. We then started talking about meeting in Italy and made it happen in May 2015. It was incredible and very movie like! I felt as if we knew each other since forever 🙂


Margie signing her book for me

Today I will give you all a little sneak peek of Margie’s newest book “Colors of Naples and the Amalfi Coast”. A sleek coffee table book which is perfect to adorn your library, this book shows you that there is so much more to Italy than just tall cypress trees and hot Italian men.

It is filled with beautiful pictures of the Naples (on the cover) and Amalfi Coast. Although I haven’t visited Naples or Amalfi yet myself, I love this picture and can imagine myself being there. Of course the #FerranteFever has caught on me too and I know that this book will be my guide for many more things in the future.

Now what is the best part of the hard back you might ask??

It is her own pictures intermingled with lovely words of everyday life. Margie has described even the simplest of things in the city of Naples and Amalfi Coast so beautifully. One can see and observe her passion and love for the Southern Italians.


Hello Margie!

I love how she has added everyday pictures of food that the Italians eat whether it is cornetto or a huge tray of cannoli. Many other things caught my eye in the book such as a picture of an Ape`, photo of Limoncello bottles, Castlel of Egg, rocks around Capri, gelato gelato gelato, street lined with vespas....So much more!

This book will make you dream of clear crisp evenings in the Italian sunshine amongst delicious plates of pasta and vino then again of women chatting together and men having a coffee.

Thanks Margie for this lovely book which is a reminder of your Italian travels. It is special to have it with me in my library. I hope we meet in Italy someday soon again! ❤

Check out Amazon for Margie’s books and her blog for more details.

Ciao Ciao!