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Buon Anno a tutti! Happy New Year everyone! 🙂

I hope you had a fun filled New Year’s Eve with family and friends. Wishing that  2017 turn out to be the best for everyone in all possible ways ❤

Grazie mille tantissimo per "Best 9 of 2016"!!💞🙌🍸😄🙏

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I am starting 2017 with a HUGE ambition, a list (small) of places I’d love to visit in Italy this year.

I have only added a few of them here because I know I could go on and on. Also, these places are from different regions of the country so it is not possible to visit them all together. Just a wishlist 😉 Hope you enjoy reading through them:

Rome, Lazio: I can’t get enough of this city, there is always so much to do or see here. I want to spend a week in Rome and just do nothing but wander the streets or stay in Trastevere or Monti. Also, I’d love to this Tea Room near the Spanish Steps. Have you been here?

Numana, Le Marche: Having heard so much about Italy’s eastern coastline and seen most of it in Puglia, I’d now like to venture to the lesser known Le Marche and its and unexplored beaches. The entire region is also filled with little hamlets that are so alluring.

Torino, Piedmont: Oh Torino! How could I not visit this elegant city. The perfect cups of bicerin implore me to book a ticket right away. I can’t wait to see this city in 2017! Long due!

Verona, Veneto: Another timeless city that has been on my list since 2 years. There is a 1st Century amphitheater and tons of medieval architecture to get you interested. Hope to be there this year.

Positano, Campania: Not a solo destination for me personally but I’d love to visit it. If not this year then maybe the next year. And yes, not alone. I can wait for Positano but definitely not alone.

Padova, Veneto: Another place that has been doomed since my past two trips is Padova. After reading several posts about the city’s Scrovegni Chapel, I have a longing to be there. Hope 2017 is the year to sit in its historic cafes.

Cappella degli Scrovegni | Giotto | Padova

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Naples, Campania: The outbreak of #FerranteFever has had an inkling on me to see the streets from the viewpoint of Elena Ferrante. Other than that who doesn’t want to eat the famous Pizza Margherita from where it was born?

Genoa, Liguria: Last but not the least I would love to visit Genoa a city with a lot of history and one that is missed by travelers. It is after all the land of focaccia and pesto.

So tell me where you are planning to visit this year in Italy or beyond??

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.