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The past few months have been so great for me in terms of imbibing Italian language and the culture. I saw a lot of Italian movies too so thought of making a post about the ones I really enjoyed.

Though I am still shy and under confident to speak Italian, I immersed myself completely to listen and read more. Listening to a new language helps a lot and one can pick up small words and habits unconsciously. Here are 5 movies with great storylines that I think anyone can watch (thanks to English subtitles):

Perfetti Sconosciuti (2016): This is a story of 7 friends and how their lives fall apart after they agree to play a game of making their texts, WhatsApp and Phone calls public. What is great about this movie is the symbolism because it has been set up on a night of an eclipse so it shows two sides of a person as well as the moon. The movie is a perfect take on modern technology and how it has hampers our personal lives and of those around us. It revolves around normal couples but shows deception, dishonesty and cheating.


Mine Vaganti (2010): I love when movies highlight day to day issues. Mine Vaganti is another one as it speaks boldly the issue of homosexuality. It is a story about two brothers who are gay but are yet to divulge the same to their families. Shot in Lecce, the Florence of the South, the film shows many sides of the Italian culture and also a family obsessed with pasta. Even though the film is shown in the category of a Comedy on Wikipedia, I think it is far from that. The sexually frustrated brothers and dramatic overbearing father tells us much more.


Loro Chi? (2015): Did you like Catch Me If You Can?? Oceans Eleven?? Well I bet you will love this one then. I won’t divulge much except that the comic timings and script of this movie is far from perfect. It is impossible not to have fun in this movie. I recommended it to several of my friends from the Italian class and they too loved it. Being a fan of both the actors in the movie and having now seen plenty of their work, I can safely tell you to watch this first as it is one of their best!


Mia Madre (2015): My Italian teacher recommended Nani Moretti’s movies last year and there has been no stopping me since. Not only is the language slower and simplified, the scripts of his movies are unique and touching. For instance Mia Madre tells the story of the relationship between a mother and daughter when the mother is about to die. There are plot lines  and memories from the past as well as the present that the protagonist handles beautifully. It leaves you teary eyed.


Io Sono l’amore (2010): This is a slow film set in the chic urban space of Milan and is about a wealthy family. The mother, a typical doting on the son variety, falls in love with her son’s friend. The story unravels slowly nevertheless with a lot of passion. This movie shows the elegant side of an industrial Italian family and their problems. The ending is very unpredictable.


Did you like the list?? I’d love recommendations from you too but anything except the usual La Grande Belezza, Il Postino, La Vita è Bella, Pane e Tulipani, Cinema Paradiso or Mediterraneo will do 😉