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Today is just one of those days when I am terribly terribly missing Italy. Troppo 😦

You might think and say, “when do you not”?? Well…okay.. you could be almost right there but today is not that daily “I wish I were in Italy sipping a glass of vino in my favorite piazza” feeling that is lost in the humdrum of life and its drama. So yes this one is different.

I just want to be there right now, to listen to the sounds of the Italian language, to gorge on the delicious food (not just pizza and pasta), to enjoy the warmth of its people, to savour the varieties of wine…. Its such an ache, a longing to be amongst the familiar yet unknown territories.

Most of you who have been to Italy or probably lived there can probably understand the pain even better. It is so surreal how faraway lands can tempt us so much. No?? Hoping the universe (ME) conspires something for me to be there soon ❤ For everyone who is dreaming for their special place, I feel ya!!

Thank you for reading.

Un grande abbraccio!