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Its fun to share different ways to learn a new language and I am happy to say that watching movies has really helped improve my listening skills. Also, the last post on Cinema was useful to so many of you so here are some more movies to your kitty to practice language skills 🙂

Habemus Papam (2011): Another Nanni Moretti movie thanks to my Italian teacher. The movie is a story of a cardinal who doesn’t want to be elected Pope. He secretly escapes the chambers of the Vatican and the story follows thus. Nanni Moretti plays the role of the Pope’s psychoanalyst in the movie while Margherita Buy plays his wife. She has a very warm role towards the Pope.


Venuto al Mondo (2012): I regret not reading the book earlier before watching the movie but am pretty sure all the Italophilies have heard of either the book or seen the movie. Based on Margaret Mazzantini’s Twice Born, Venuto al Mondo is not for weak hearted. It is a story revolving on motherhood in the backdrop of war in Sarajevo. Watch it on a day when you feel most strong.


La Pazza Gioia (2016): Movies on female friendships are special and more so when they are shown beautifully. La Pazza Gioia follows the story of two women at a mental clinic who are from different backgrounds. When unpredictable circumstances arise, they come closer and the story follows. Nice change from the regular drama. 


Viaggio Sola (2013): Imagine a life where you get to stay in five star hotels and critique them! From Puglia to Tuscany to Paris and Gstaad, that is the life of the 40 something actress Margherita Buy. It is a rare story line with lot of drama but one that makes the film one of my favorites for this year so far 🙂


Il Gioiellino (2011): This movie is based on the fraud of Italian company Parmalat during the early 90s. The facts and names have been changed throughout but the film shows more than corrpution at a multinational. Toni Servillo’s performance is outstanding. I would implore you to watch the movie only for him.