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The word “travel” is used in everyday conversations more than ever before. The strange part is that what is travel to you might be travel to me. Travel is different to everyone and is also changing with each passing day.

What is Travel to you??

For most of the people around me travel is unfortunately going to a place, clicking random pictures and posting on social media in order to tell the world were they were. Well, don’t get me wrong, I do that too but that is not my motive. I have seen some people around me who care more for their selfie stick than the place! For instance, in Budapest (updated Sept 2016), I saw tourists who started clicking selfies as soon as they reached the Buda Castle. I swear they didn’t even see the building in front of them!! All of this made me wonder what travel has become.

Wasn’t travel about experiencing, relaxing, making new friends and understanding new cultures?? Also, wasn’t travel getting away from mundane life…..and the people??

The Effort behind Travel

I am sometimes surprised when people overlook or forget the effort it takes to actually plan a trip. It takes weeks and sometimes months for a trip to come together. Figuring logistics when traveling solo or in a group is a Herculean task! There is so much hard work that goes behind it to make it happen.

Sometimes one has to let go of current comforts to make it succeed. It could be as small as eating out less or as big as working extra hours to earn more money. These are only some of the reasons that I think travel becomes possible of course apart from the need to travel….

Sadly, in today’s times, people assume that a particular person travels due to a rich family background or a sponsored trip. I hope people can someday realize that passion, need and hardwork also make a vital role in making travel happen.

Here’s hoping it changes in the years to come so that people not only respect everyone who is traveling but also understand what it means to travel. I respect everyone’s style but this was just my two cents on it.

What is travel to you??

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