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Few talk of Budapest as they talk of Rome, Paris or London. Even I wouldn’t have been aware had I not visited it, but it feels nice to know of a not-so-famous city that turned out to be so good!

On my Ryanair flight from Milan Bergamo to Budapest, I had no idea what to expect. For starters I was in a bit of a panic as neither the ATM or the credit card I had worked at the airport. I had no local currency (Forints in this case) and was carrying only some change of euros. This was also a useful lesson for me to be more prepared during travel. Luckily,  a young lady helped me in reaching the city centre without taking any money for the ride. She herself was taking a flight to Africa but her parents who had come to drop her gave me a ride in their car and also got me a tram ticket.  I am now connected with her through Facebook and hope to visit her someday in her home in Africa and/or Romania 🙂 Bless her and her folks!

Once I reached the city and settled in my room, I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw around me. Not only is Budapest a gem of a city filled with wonderful things to do but is also home to stunning Neoclassical and Gothic architecture. Having been through a lot of destruction during the World War II, I was amazed how the city has fought back to keep itself on the high. It definitely shows the resilience and power of its people.


The Parliament

For those who don’t know, Budapest is divided into parts – one is the Buda side and the other is the Pest side. The former is laid back, residential and quieter while the latter more happening with all the pubs and places to see/eat. As a famous city of Eastern Europe, Budapest is a financial centre and is ranked as one of the 7th most liveable city of the continent. Budapest deserves attention, a lot of attention and you will see the “why” in the posts to follow. For all the 5 nights I was there, I felt this every single day. that more people should visit Budapest!


Quintessential taxi alert!


The Chain Bridge

What did I do there all those days? I walked and walked around the city, ventured into different bookstores and cafes, pranced upon a historic library and food festival and drank lots of beer and wine 😀 Sometimes when I felt tired and lazy after all the walking I sat in a cafe and read a book that I had bought from the nearby store. Sunsets on the Danube were just surreal and the magic of Budapest comes alive in the night. I clicked several pictures from my phone camera and was wondering what the effects would have been if I had had a DSLR. So if you are there this year don’t miss the opportunity to get some great shots with a good camera. I got 2 of mine printed for my room 🙂


The Danube


So many Japanese food outlets here!


Great tram system in the city



I will be writing more about Budapest in the coming posts. For those who are traveling in the summer it will be easy to refer to the posts, while for others- why don’t you take a trip to Budapest?? 🙂