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A touch of splendor and air of grandeur- that is how I can explain my time in the most beautiful cafe of the world! Say hello to the New York Cafe in Budapest!

It is a complete baroque treat thanks to the work of the Boscolo group of Hotels- an Italian chain.  With its Venetian chandeliers and gold paintings, marble tiles and silk cushions, hand painted walls and velvet upholstery, it oozed charm and class and reminded me of a time long gone by.


From afar


Ornate detailing



I had breakfast there on my first morning in the city and was so impressed. Taking a seat on the ground floor by the window, I was smitten with its interiors. No photograph can explain the beauty of it.

Coming to the food, I would say I had little expectations from it which is why I chose slightly less riskier options. However, I was impressed in that department too. It was fresh and tasty. I ordered fresh juice, coffee, toast and Hungarian sausages with horse raddish and salad. Later I also had a pastry which wasn’t photographed. Did I say I was having breakfast?? Well …No… it was definitely lunch for me 😉



Sitting and marvelling at the interiors was a great experience. I was mostly ogling at the ceiling and met two girls from China doing the same. I clicked at least 25 pictures for them and returned to my table as my coffee was getting cold.

But fun day 🙂 Had I been in a more touristy place such as Vienna or Venice I would have definitely spent a bomb but thanks to the comparatively cheaper prices in Eastern Europe it wasn’t even half of what I expected! Next time I definitely want to go there late at night because the place is open till 3 a.m. Cocktail time!