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As travellers we must respect fellow travellers’ advice but never imitate it. For instance if you are in Vienna and your friend recommends you to visit museums, you can’t force yourself to see them because you don’t like visiting museums in the first place. Every person’s style of traveling is different and we must respect that. Last year in Budapest the same happened with me. I got recommendations to see museum X, Y and Z in the city but not being a big museum freak I chose to do something of my own taste. I visited a library.

But not just any library.

The Szabo Ervin Library is a baroque treat and reader’s paradise in the heart of Budapest. Only a 10 minutes walk from the tram stop, the admission to this royal library is free of charge. (Go there before you have to pay forints to see it) Named after a Hungarian librarian and social scientist, the library is beautiful inside out. My love for it started when I saw a picture of it on Instagram and instantly felt the need to visit. I was so blown away by its interiors that I just wanted to see them with my own eyes.



The library is divided into floors and contains thousands of books in Hungarian and other languages. The part of the library I am showing you here is the antique one housed in the Wenckheim Palace.




It has several rooms in ornate and antique furniture, huge chandeliers and gold fireplaces. Students go about their day as normally as you could imagine. I on the other hand was walking and gawking in the hallways. Seriously would you look here!! It doesn’t feel like a library at all.



Isn’t the last picture right out of the Harry Potter library??!! lovestruck

Imagine this place in the wee hours or probably on a rainy day…. I would love to keep coming back and sit and read to my heart’s content. If you are a book lover and are visiting Budapest, this is something you surely don’t want to miss!


10:00 to 20:00 on all weekdays. Saturday 10:00 to 16:00.

The library is closed on Sundays.