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Since my last post was on the Szabo Ervin Library, I thought I’d continue the geekdom and write on the bookstores I visited in Budapest. However, I must apologise in advance because I don’t have amazing pictures of these stores as obviously I was busy skimming through interesting titles. But I still think you will get the drift of it and maybe bookmark this post for future travels 🙂

Atlantis Book Island: My first bookstore find after visiting the Castle Hill was the Atlantis Book Island. I was surprised by the number of English titles here. The store has a lot of variety in fiction and non fiction from Central Europe. As a reader, it opened a new world for me.

Best part was the owner knew English so I could ask him for recommendations. Even though he was slightly shy, I managed finding few titles of my interest. I only wish he didn’t stand on my head while I was browsing 😉 The double storied bookstore also has a cute stationary corner with gorgeous bookmarks (all made in Hungary) and wrapping paper.



Massolit Book & Cafe: A quaint bookshop in the heart of the Jewish quarter, Massolit is my absolute favorite! You can sit here and read all day inside or in the garden, use the free Wifi and order a tea and homemade cake! The owner has an amazing collection of historic books and even helped me pick 3 titles. The store wasn’t as crowded and has a good selection of travel related books. There is a rack with second hand books in Hungarian.


"It's a bizarre but wonderful feeling, to arrive dead center of a target you didn't even know you were aiming for.”

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Bestsellers: Right next to the St. Stephen’s Cathedral is this gem! The huge selection of books in English pulled me there twice! Even the choice of Hungarian literature is massive. I settled for a Romanian author and a bag from Penguin Books. Befriending the lady at the counter was fun because she told me there was always something going on at the shop whether it was book signings, author interviews or poetry sessions 🙂 The only downside of this shop is that since it is close to all the major landmarks it is usually full.



Alexandra: Formerly the Paris Department Store, Alexandra was a huge bookstore at the Andrassy Avenue. I visited in September 2016 and although the English section wasn’t very impressive, it has a lot of classics. The piano playing in the baroque cafe above was a reason I could go back and sit in the store. Alexandra was the biggest bookstore chain in Hungary sadly I was informed by a dear reader that this chain of stores is now closed in Hungary.


Did you enjoy this post?? Do you visit bookstores when you travel to new countries??