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I don’t usually do food posts, this is my first. I just eat and don’t have the patience to click every thing on my plate. So you might have to imagine certain things because I don’t have pictures for them 😛 Nevertheless, here are some good spots for coffee, gelato, drinks and food in general:

California Coffee Company: I saw it everywhere in Budapest. It was like Cafe Coffee Day of India. But only better. Coffee was real nice even though it was super crowded and in one of the busiest square of the city. The smoothies were delicious and the views didn’t disappoint me. This coffee shop is dog friendly so that’s a big plus.

Type: Budget and Medium

Goa Mama Coffee: This is the cutest cafe in Budapest and I stopped here only because of the name (Goa is a place in India). Goa Mama has very pretty exteriors and interiors along with great iced coffee, shakes and home made cakes! It’s really worth visiting.


Type: Budget

Ruin Pubs: I have to admit I only went to two ruin pubs in Budapest. Once with a Free Walking Tour in the day and once alone at night. I wish I had company to enjoy because it really did feel unfair sitting alone and sipping my negroni. But I love the concept of shady ruined dumped furniture and equipment being used to create these cool places. Szimpla and Instant are my recommendations for ruin pubs.

Type: Medium and Splurge

Vaci Utca: This is a shopping street laden with cafes, restaurants and stores. There are a ton of options to eat and contrary to what I thought they aren’t as expensive as it would be in other parts of Europe. Just pick one!


Type: Medium and Splurge

Gelarto Rosa: A famous Hungarian gelato parlour that gives rose shaped gelato. Not only is the packaging dainty and pretty but its delicious too. There are gelato types for vegans and lactose intolerant as well.

Type: Super budget

Prettiness in a cone at Gelarto Rosa🍦😍

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The people at 'My Little Melbourne Brew Bar' are doing a great job promoting filter coffee. #welovebudapest

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My Little Melbourne Brew Bar: There are two bars by this name adjacent to each other, one is the espresso bar and the other is the brew bar. I had a filter coffee at the espresso bar- a very cool hipster cafe. The service wasn’t very friendly then but I loved the coffee. Couldn’t believe how cheap everything in Budapest was compared to other cities of Europe.

Type: Budget

Frohlich Bakery: The Jewish quarter in the city has so many food joints that it seemed like a city within a city. What I specially liked was the fact that it was so traditional. Try the Apple and Poppy seed cake at the Frohlich- a modest bakery with a very happy looking owner. The cake is very heavy but worth it. Also Free Wi-Fi!!

Type: Budget


A Hungarian wrap with lots of vegetables, cheese and mint. It was delicious and perfectly hot! #traveltoeat

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Pizza Eataliano: Good Italian food only 5 steps away from the Andrassay tram stop.  It has a beautiful terrace to relax after a long day. Loved their selection of Italian wines though I only enjoyed a quick pizza here.

Type: Medium


Callas Cafe: Callas is a very Parisian feel cafe in Budapest. Slightly expensive as its on the main street next to the Opera but its worth a visit. Try their gelato and coffee or if in the mood to splurge anything you don’t understand which could be very Hungarian.

Type: Splurge


Bamba Marha Burger Bar: At the corner of the Andrassay Avenue is this cool place serving delicious burgers. The place is full at night and it definitely seems like a very popular spot for locals. I tried their Elvis burger and loved it! The only problem here is that there are only a few options for drinks except for some canned juices.

Type: Budget

TOP TIP: If you are not from around Hungary, please check what you are paying. I mean the currency is a bit confusing and a couple of times I ended up paying more Forints than what I had to. I was lucky that both times I was returned the correct amount back. (Bless those people)