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Buonasera from Rome!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Today was a surreal lunch experience because I was at the Aroma Restaurant in the city. Housed in the ancient Palazzo Manfredi, the Restaurant is situated just opposite the Colloseum!

I won’t lie to you about how smitten I was by the pictures I saw online. They actually prompted me to contact the team at Aroma. Chef Giuseppe di Ioro and the management do an exceptional work of keeping the place up to mark. Because now I’m not only fan of the view but also the food ๐Ÿ˜‰

I reached around 1245 so there weren’t that many people except a couple and two ladies on the adjacent table. Starting with wine from Friuli and fresh parmesan bread, I made myself comfortable. The view was fantastic to say the least!

Alessandro was my host for the afternoon and he along with his team made sure they weren’t overbearing to me but at the same time there for any call. First course included ricciola in melone sauce and some fresh herbs. I’m no food expert but that was very light and also blended with the white wine.

For the second course I savoured Ravioli with olive oil and thyme and a potatoe filling. This was personally recommened by Alessandro himself and it was simple seasonal food at it’s best! The food was served just very Italian style. Slowly enjoying every bite.

Later while I was waiting and enjoying my drink, the chef sent me a small dessert of chocolate and raspberry which was perfect to let go of the buttery texture of ravioli. Very dainty I must say!

At the end I ordered a Beetroot cake which looked right out of a MasterChef Australia episode! ๐Ÿ˜‰ The food was fresh, the service relaxed and the views to die for! (I say again)

I would recommend Aroma Restaurant to anyone looking for a bit of quiet amongst all that noise and rush in Rome. I spent around 3 hours there! 

Thank you Marianna at the Aroma for making my day so special! Grazie mille tanto!!


Via Labicana 125, Rome.