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I had a surreal lunch at Aroma Restaurant in Palazzo Manfredi, Rome. Surreal because this restaurant is right opposite the Colosseum!! What a spot for anyone looking to have a meal with a view!

Aroma Restaurant, Rome

Chef Giuseppe di Ioro and his team do an exceptional work of keeping the place at Michelin star standards. My amazing lunch started with wine from the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia + fresh parmesan bread. Oh and I also had the best seat right in the middle of the restaurant with the light on the Colosseum (hence shade on my side).

The view of the Colosseum was so fantastic that I couldn’t take my eyes off it!


Wine at Aroma Restaurant, Rome

Ricciola at Aroma Restaurant, Rome

My host, Alessandro, made sure he wasn’t overbearing to me but at the same time around for my needs. He suggested me the wine and also ordered ricciola in melone sauce with fresh herbs for my first course.

I don’t call myself a food expert but definitely an enthusiast. So what was really good about that dish blended in white wine is hard to explain but it was perfectly exquisite and light! For the second course I ordered a buttery ravioli with olive oil and thyme in potato filling. This was simple seasonal food at it’s best! I enjoyed every bite with that view!

The chef kept sending me greetings from time to time such as a light plate of starters or a dessert of chocolate and raspberry!


Ravoili with potato and thyme at Aroma Restaurant, Rome

Rapa rossa at Aroma Restaurant, Rome

Dessert at Aroma Restaurant

Un caffe?? Aroma Restaurant, Rome

After spending 2 hours and being so content with my food, view and experience, I ordered a beetroot cake. It looked right out of an episode of MasterChef, such a great end to a fabulous meal.

Me and the team at Aroma Restaurant, Rome

I would highly recommend Aroma Restaurant to anyone looking for a meal with a view + a bit of quiet in all the rush of a big city like Rome. I spent around 3 hours there simply because the food was exceptional and fresh, the service relaxed and the views to die for! Aroma Restaurant isn’t as expensive as you are thinking. Check their menu for more!

Thank you to everyone especially Marianna for making my day so special! Grazie mille tanto!!


Via Labicana 125, Rome.



Disclaimer: I was a guest at Aroma Restaurant but all the views here are my own. Can’t wait to visit it again!

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