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Rome as a city can be so wonderful yet so overwhelming at the same time. It is definitely important to feel the pace of the Eternal city and the best to understand that is through its food.


While it wasn’t my first time in the city, I definitely hadn’t done a food tour ever in Rome so when Sian of The Roman Guy approached me, I thought why not?! It would be a great way to know more about Rome and see the hidden food points that I may not have known as a visitor. So I went for the Roman Guy’s Trastevere Locals Food Tour.

The Food Tour started at Campo de’ Fiori – only a 10 minutes walk from Trastevere. We we were a good group of 7 people- a mixed bunch from across the world. Our guide, Melissa, originally from Naples came from a family with background in food. She seemed quite passionate about food.

Our first stop was a cheese store where we tasted 5 different types of cheese from all over Italy. A generous amount of Prosecco was served along. I loved everything we ate but Burrata was and remains to be my favorite 🙂 I was wistfully reminded of my adventures in Puglia.




Our next stop was something that was on my bucket list thanks to my fellow blogger Natalie. She had mentioned going to Dar Filettaro for its Filetti di Baccala in one of her posts and that’s exactly where I wanted to go too. And….Voila! We were there! Soon there was a hot plate of hot deep fried fish called “Baccala” along with a pitcher of white wine. It was a killer combination and the fish was so delicious! The place was so off the tourist track that I only saw locals around. This also made the service better.



Next started a 10 minutes walk to the enchanting neighbourhood of Trastevere. We stopped at a small bistro that I could have easily missed. It was super cozy and cute. The owners use organic ingredients in everything they made and a happy staff member served us wine with a cheese, meat and bruschetta platter! I surprised myself as I fell in love with a cheese and jam combination.

Melissa mentioned that we were half way through our tour and I believed so was my tummy. But I was ready to have a slice of pizza and that’s just what our next stop was. Pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice) was the next stop at another cute little place in Trastevere’s lively streets. I could have had another one 😉 It was a very short stop and I wished it lingered and we could have just sat and talked.


I want more!

Our second to last food stop was dinner with two types of pasta- Cacio e pepe and Amatriciana– classic Roman dishes! We were informed of their backgrounds and our group enjoyed it with wine and a plate of Parmigiana.




Fully Roman

We ended the tour with the classic gelato! (No pic sorry) I chose hazelnut and melon as my flavors. Divine!!


A Happy Little Group (The other table wasn’t with us) 😉

All in all it was a great food tour as it gave insight into the food and culture of the Romans. The tour group being small also added to the fun. I would especially like to highlight the food quantity which was apt and sufficient. My stomach gave a happy clap at the end. But even though I loved the food at the tour, I would have appreciated a fun energetic guide because in my humble opinion it can totally up the whole tour!

Disclaimer: I was a guest at The Roman Guy’s Food Tour. However, all opinions expressed here are solely my own. Big thanks to Sian- the Marketing Voyager at The Roman Guy who helped plan this tour! Sian-see you again in Rome or India! 🙂