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One tends to walk a lot in Rome (a lot a lot) so its natural to grab a seat by the many lovely cafes the city has to offer. This time was no different for me except that I was a little more open in my choice. Usually I frequent one café my whole trip and make it my morning ritual. But this time I tried different ones almost every day and sometimes even twice. So here is a compilation of my favorite cafes from the eternal city:

Bar Farnese- If you go here you will come back with a smile on your face. It is a true Roman experience with the owner Angelo and his courteous staff. This is one of the many cafes with a great sitting area for people watching. The bar is so old fashioned and vintage that I could cry! The no frill service adds to its charm. Bar Farnese also happens to be a stone’s throw away from the major attractions of the city. But do not confuse it with Caffe Farnese which is very close by.

Via dei Baullari 106, Rome.


-Pasticceria Trastevere- This was only 2 tram stops away from where I stayed so it became sort of mandatory to try it. Their pastries are to die for!! Small but delicious choux puffs filled with cream, custard, chocolate or something you might not have had altogether. The service is super quick and I loved their painted cups.

Via Natale del Grande 49, Rome.


Antico Caffè Greco– Do not judge me! Yes I went there for fresh juice and a caffè. It was a costly affair and I was aware of it (if you sit inside a caffè costs about EUR7) but I was a tourist in Rome so I enjoyed visiting the second oldest cafe in the country! I am also a sucker for places where the great writers frequented. Goethe and Byron are two examples who used to come here. If you end up visiting Greco, order at the counter and enjoy the old world experience!

Via dei Condotti 86, Rome.


Roscioli Caffè- I visited Roscioli twice, once with a friend who was most kind to treat me and once alone where I had the freshest panino ever! I loved the whole experience of standing at the narrow bar and enjoying my food. Of course there is free WiFi and a place to sit inside to chat. Their pastries are super delicious and somehow I found that even a cornetto was more creamier here! The service isn’t as friendly but maybe that is because they are always so full.

Piazza Benedetto Cairoli 16, Rome.


El Mojitaro Bar- Another no frills bar with an owner who loves to chit chat. This could be one of the most photographed places in the graffiti covered neighborhood of Rome. Courteous service and great views I found their cocktails to be a tad expensive. I’d just go for their cappuccino and enjoy the view.

Vicolo del Cinque 5, Rome.


Apart from the ones above I also loved Caffè Peru, Bar Willy and Bar San Calisto. Have you tried any of these?? I’d love more recommendations for my next trip 🙂