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In the past 3-4 years of blogging and social media, I have fostered many online friendships. Some of them have turned into real life meetings in Italy/India and that is a testament to the amazing journey that blogging has given me. Improving online relationships and getting to know my followers/friends has been a lot of fun! I have kept it alive by merging old and new traditions with #ItalophiliaPostcards.

I got this idea from TSBC- an online book club whom I have been following since the past 4 years. I send postcards to anyone anywhere across the world (willing to share their personal details) and once the postcard is received by the person, he/she shares it on Instagram with #ItalophiliaPostcards. It is a really fun way to get to know people and take out time to choose a postcard for that particular person. The point is to bring back the dying tradition of sending out postcards and make social media more fun and less repetitive!!

Some of my favorite postcard sets are below:

I also collect postcards during my travels and send those out. If any of you are interested to receive a postcard from me or even send one to me, please follow me on Instagram (linked above) and reach out to me via email ishitatravel@gmail.com with the subject Postcards. For privacy reasons, it is best not putting your addresses under the comment section here.

PS-If you are not on Instagram, don’t sweat. You can always share on any other social media or even your blog!