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In the past, I have added many towns to your Italian kitty (Check under the Travel Tips section). Here are a few more to the ever expanding list.


Alba is nestled in the region of Piemonte and is a perfect getaway from city life. An elegant town full of quaint shops selling a varieties of truffles and wine, Alba is surrounded by vineyards. Apart from regional specialities of food, Alba has a small old town that is walkable enough in 15 minutes. The colorful town is filled with many cafes that will completely charm you! Although Alba is quite touristy, you will still find a spot for yourself to sit in and enjoy.

How to reach: Take an early morning direct train from Turin’s Porta Susa station and spend the day in Alba. If you are traveling from Milan, spend the night in Alba as it is too hectic for a day trip.


The colorful town of Alba


Piazza Risorgimento


The whole of Le Marche is a dream and if you check the map of Italy, you will realize it boasts a pretty strong coastline. However, that does not mean Marche is devoid of pretty hilltop towns. Fermo is one such town with a gorgeous piazza and a lovely old world charm. The town was unfortunately hit by earthquake in 2016 so most of the cultural aspects are in restoration. But you can still take a walk or relax by an old Bar. La dolce vita!

How to reach: A hired car is the best way to navigate in the region of Le Marche.


Piazza del Popolo


An empty Bar

Orta San Giulio:

When I say, Orta San Giulio, I am talking about narrow paths leading to views, cobbled streets filled with small stores, splendid lakeside and a medieval atmosphere. Orta San Giulio is a characteristic small town that I would happily settle in! It’s surroundings beseech me to pen down my thoughts and write a poem. Orta has indescribable beauty and atmosphere and is one of the few towns that I regret not staying in for the night.

How to reach: Although hiring a car is the best way to reach till the town of Orta, there is a train station at Orta Miasino with a train change at Novara. From Orta Miasino take a cab or walk if you are brave enoough.


Piazza Motta


Island of San Giulio


Another charming little town in Marche is the beach town of Numana. Its’ old historic side is stunning and colorful and it has many vantage points for spectacular views of the Adriatic! Numana is a laid back beach town where you probably want to book in a few nights and relax. There are boutiques for your shopping needs and alleyways to fill your growing wanderlust.

How to reach: A hired car is the best way to navigate in the region of Le Marche.


Views of Adriatic


Numana alta

I’d love more suggestions as always!