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I’m currently reading Italo Calvino’s “Fiabe per le bambine” and when I say I’m reading, I’m probably flipping through. Why?? Because it is a very tough read. At least for me, at least for now.

I have been ignoring my Italian practice since weeks and definitely feel the need to push myself. (Tips??) My main aim is to jot down new words and update my slow paced Italian dictionary every day.

Here are a few new words I loved from this well illustrated book:

Maga: sorceress

Finché: as long as

Barbarie: brutality or lack of civilization

Scaltro: shrewd

Ribaltare: tip or topple

Fermo: firm or steady

Saltare: Jump or leap

Scodella: bowl

Invidia: envy/jealousy

Provvista: supply

Rosicchiare: nibble

Also, what are you reading??