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I’m currently reading Italo Calvino’s “Fiabe per le bambine” and when I say I’m reading, I’m probably flipping through. Why?? Because it is a very tough read. At least for me. And at least for now.

I have been ignoring my Italian practice since weeks and definitely feel that I need to push myself. (Tips??) My main aim is to jot down new words and update my slow paced Italian dictionary every day.

Here are a few new words I loved from this well illustrated book:

Maga: sorceress

Finché: as long as

Barbarie: brutality or lack of civilization

Scaltro: shrewd

Ribaltare: tip or topple

Fermo: firm or steady

Saltare: Jump or leap

Scodella: bowl

Invidia: envy/jealousy

Provvista: supply

Rosicchiare: nibble

Also, what are you reading??